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Who Are We? What is our Mission?

Lagos.Community is operated by Local Merchant Services (LMS) who operate a number of similar local Web sites in the UK.

Technology is bringing sweeping changes across Nigeria and across Africa. Lagos could become a Technology Powerhouse. Read More HERE

The Mission of Lagos.Community is to provide useful Lagos information, and provide a channel for the Lagos Community to help express their empathy.

Empathy also includes feeling the desperation of a parent who cannot feed their child. That is why we are establishing a Foodbank Support Programme here.

FoodBank Support Programme

Lagos.Community will be providing a channel for the Lagos Community to support the establishment of a Food Bank Support Programme for those in need of it.

Featured Retailers participating in this Programme will be able to feature their products for free this on site, but will be asked to support the establishment of the Food Bank Support Programme in a manner that suited them
We will be using emerging technology to further the aims of Lagos.Community in supporting the establishment Of the FoodBank Support Programme.


Lagos.Community will represent a good platform for Lagos. It is part of a community of Nigerian and African sites, which collectively have over 1 million subscribers.

Are you a Merchant Or Organization looking to help support Food Banks in Lagos, in a small or big way?

Why not join us today, as we will be establishing a programme to connect merchants to subscribers across our community, with their stores being featured, and also being used to support Foodbanks as was agreed. Please email us at:

Please subscribe using the SUBSCRIBE button above.....

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Lagos Governorship Election


Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy. Lagos is a major African financial centre and is the economic hub of Lagos State and Nigeria at large. The city has been described as the cultural, financial, and entertainment capital of Africa.

Lagos is the most populous city in Africa with an estimated population of 15.4 million in 2023. If taken as a country on its own, Lagos would be the fifth largest economy in Africa. As such, who governs Lagos, matters.

Lagos.Community is brought to you by LMS, to provide Lagos information and a channel to help utilize the power of the Community to support good causes in Lagos. We operate an Inhouse Sites Network with over one million Nigerian and African Subscribers. As such, we had a duty to bring our views to those subscribers, to let them know who we think was best placed to win the election, and become the next Governor of Lagos, a city of such significance in Nigeria and Africa.

We backed the APC to retain power, and for Governor Sanwo-Olu, to retain the Governorship of Lagos, based on his track record.

Governor Sanwo-Olu has a wealth of financial experience, and a track record as the incumbent Governor of Lagos since 2019. He was the treasurer at former Lead Merchant Bank from 1994 to 1997 after which he moved to the United Bank for Africa as the head of foreign money markets. He then proceeded to First Inland Bank, Plc (now First City Monument Bank) as a divisional head.

Sanwo-Olu's policies include:

  • Enhancing the agricultural products supply chain to assure state food security.

  • Expanding the Community Policing initiative.

  • Making Lagos the foremost entertainment and tourism destination in Africa.

  • Completing strategic ongoing transport projects (Rail, Water, Road and Bus).

  • Working with stakeholders to facilitate the creation of a fully equipped and functional film city that will include an academy for skills training.

  • Simplifying and harmonizing the process of property titling and sub-titling for property owners.

  • Leveraging technology platforms to teach, assess, test and reinforce learning in conjunction with the private sector and development partners.

  • Reversing the national problem of Medical tourism and partnering with Telemedicine platforms.

  • Developing in partnership with the private sector, additional captive and embedded power plants for critical locations like, Industrial parks, Public centres (universities, hospitals, markets), and Public service infrastructure (rail, waterworks, street lights).



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